Cognitive branding combines the power of data and insights with strong design and strategic thinking. By leveraging technology and data, brands become more self-aware and can effectively communicate their values and messaging to their audience. This, along with a focus on good design and strategy, allows brands to create impactful and meaningful experiences that resonate with their customers.

A powerful brand creates communicates its values, purpose, and personality with clarity and consistency

What We Do


Swati Dike, or Swati Ma’am as we call her, is a design and branding expert leading the Cognitive Branding team. You might not know her, but you have definately seen her work, and that’s the beauty of a true expert, her work speaks for herself. She was leading the team which designed the marketing and branding plan for Burj Khalifa, the tallest man made building till date. She has given life to various other brands like London Dairy, Jima Mineral Water

A successful brand stands out by being different, not by trying to fit in