Eximus Wallpapers

Industry: Lifestyle

Scope: Brand Development, Digitalization, Digital Marketing

Eximus, India’s pioneering wallpaper manufacturer with a state-of-the-art facility capable of producing 12,000 rolls per day, embarked on a remarkable journey as a new brand. Their challenge was to build their brand from the ground up, create awareness in a competitive market, and directly impact orders and sales. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, Eximus partnered with Cognitive Branding to develop their brand identity, establish a digital presence, and launch effective marketing strategies.

1. Brand Development: Our collaboration with Eximus focused on crafting a compelling brand identity and driving immediate results:
Brand Crafting: We embarked on a brand creation journey, designing a distinctive identity that embodied Eximus’s commitment to quality and innovation.
Brand Narrative: We developed a captivating brand story that narrated Eximus’s dedication to producing high-quality wallpaper collections.

2. Digitalization: To help Eximus establish a solid digital foundation and generate direct impact:
Online Presence: We created a dynamic website, offering a digital gateway for customers to explore Eximus’s exquisite wallpaper collections and make purchases seamlessly.
Digital Tools: We introduced essential digital tools and platforms to streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and drive sales.

3. Digital Marketing: Our digital marketing efforts were laser-focused on creating brand awareness and driving orders and sales:
SEO Strategies: We implemented effective SEO strategies to ensure that Eximus’s products were easily discoverable online, resulting in increased website traffic and sales.
Strategic Social Media Marketing (SMM): We developed and executed SMM campaigns tailored to Eximus’s target audience, prompting engagement and directly driving orders.
Content Strategy: Our content strategy positioned Eximus as a trusted source of inspiration and knowledge in the wallpaper design space, leading to increased conversions.

Cognitive Branding’s comprehensive approach delivered tangible results with a direct impact:

Brand Establishment: Eximus was successfully launched as a brand, with a distinct identity that conveyed quality and innovation.
Digital Foundation: A robust online presence was established, enabling customers to explore Eximus’s offerings seamlessly and place orders effortlessly.
Brand Awareness: Our digital marketing efforts significantly increased brand awareness, positioning Eximus as a reputable player in the wallpaper industry and driving a surge in orders.
Online Visibility: Effective SEO strategies improved Eximus’s search engine rankings, driving organic traffic and directly impacting sales.
Engagement and Recognition: SMM campaigns fostered an engaged online community, resulting in an immediate uptick in orders.

Cognitive Branding’s comprehensive approach, from brand development to digitalization and digital marketing, not only propelled Eximus into a new era of growth and recognition as a newly established brand but also directly impacted their orders and sales in a competitive market.