Industry: Mineral Water

Scope: Rebranding

Jeema Mineral Water, a well-known brand in the UAE market, approached Cognitive Branding with a critical challenge: they needed a comprehensive rebranding strategy to solidify their position among the top players in the competitive mineral water industry. Our mission was to breathe new life into the brand through a complete overhaul, which encompassed bottle and label design, website development, social media strategy, brochure creation, and point-of-sale (POS) materials.

Brand Assessment: We began by conducting a thorough assessment of Jeema’s existing brand identity, market position, and customer perception.
Brand Strategy: Based on our assessment, we crafted a comprehensive brand strategy that included defining the brand’s unique value proposition and its desired position in the market.
Visual Identity: We redesigned Jeema’s bottle and label to reflect the new brand image. The design aimed to communicate purity, freshness, and premium quality.
Website Development: Our team developed a modern and user-friendly website for Jeema. This website became a hub of information about the brand, its products, and a platform for engaging with customers.
Social Media Strategy: We devised a robust social media strategy that included content planning, community engagement, and influencer partnerships to increase brand visibility and engagement.
Brochure Design: We created a visually appealing brochure that effectively communicated Jeema’s brand story, values, and product range.
Point-of-Sale Materials: Our team designed eye-catching POS materials to enhance Jeema’s visibility in physical retail spaces.

Cognitive Branding’s comprehensive rebranding efforts yielded remarkable results:

Market Success: Jeema Mineral Water quickly climbed the ranks, becoming one of the top players in the competitive UAE mineral water market.
Increased Brand Visibility: The rebranding efforts significantly increased Jeema’s brand visibility, both online and offline.
Positive Customer Perception: Customers began associating Jeema with purity, quality, and freshness, aligning with the brand’s new image.
Engaged Audience: Jeema’s social media presence grew, with an engaged audience actively participating in brand conversations.
Effective Marketing Collateral: The newly designed brochure and POS materials effectively communicated the brand’s message to customers and retailers.

Cognitive Branding’s rebranding strategy not only solidified Jeema’s position among the top players in the UAE mineral water market but also created a strong brand identity that resonated with customers and drove engagement across various platforms.