Industry: FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods)

Scope: Brand Development, Packaging Design, Marketing

Unikai, a distinguished player in the FMCG industry with a versatile portfolio spanning water, ice cream, juices, and more, sought a total transformation of their brand identities and market approach. To this end, Unikai partnered with Cognitive Branding, embarking on an exciting journey of comprehensive brand rejuvenation and strategic marketing.

Holistic Brand Transformation: Our collaboration with Unikai transcended traditional branding:
Reimagined Brand Identities: We embarked on a bold mission to reimagine and redefine Unikai’s brand identities across diverse product categories. This journey involved a deep dive into modern aesthetics, resulting in refreshed logos that exuded trust, quality, and a dash of contemporary flair.
Compelling Brand Narratives: We crafted captivating brand stories that breathed life into each product line. These narratives spotlighted Unikai’s unwavering commitment to delivering premium-quality FMCG products to consumers.
Visually Arresting Identity: Packaging designs underwent a transformative makeover, incorporating vibrant visuals and engaging elements that mirrored the freshness and excellence inherent in Unikai’s offerings.
Fresh Packaging: Our design approach aimed to make Unikai’s products stand out on the shelf:
Modernized Aesthetics: We injected a breath of fresh air into packaging designs, embracing modern aesthetics to resonate with evolving consumer tastes. Each package radiated freshness and vibrancy, making it impossible to ignore.
Unified Visual Language: While celebrating the uniqueness of each product, we maintained a cohesive visual language, ensuring that the Unikai brand identity shone through consistently.
Strategic Marketing: Our marketing endeavors were designed to amplify Unikai’s presence in the market:
Tailored Marketing Strategies: We customized marketing strategies for each product category, accentuating their distinctive selling points and targeting specific consumer segments.
Multi-Channel Advertising: Creative advertising campaigns spanned diverse media channels, maximizing Unikai’s reach and engaging consumers on multiple fronts.
Digital Dominance: We harnessed the digital realm to connect with tech-savvy consumers, leveraging social media and online advertising to create meaningful interactions.

Cognitive Branding’s transformative approach yielded remarkable outcomes:

Bold Brand Revival: Unikai’s brand identities emerged revitalized, radiating trust, quality, and a contemporary allure, capturing the hearts of discerning consumers.
Packaging Marvels: The new packaging designs were a visual feast, encapsulating freshness and quality, while boldly standing out on the shelves.
Market Prowess: Our strategic marketing campaigns amplified Unikai’s presence, expanding their consumer base and sparking increased engagement.
Consistency and Uniqueness: Each product retained its individuality while adhering to a unified visual language, reinforcing the Unikai brand identity.
Consumer Admiration: Unikai’s reputation as a trusted provider of premium FMCG products soared to new heights.

Cognitive Branding’s all-encompassing brand transformation and strategic marketing strategies empowered Unikai to not only revitalize their brand identities but also to reimagine their market presence, setting them apart as a dynamic leader in the competitive FMCG landscape.

This case study stands as a testament to the unique journey and accomplishments of Unikai’s brand transformation, differentiating itself from the preceding examples.