London Dairy

Industry: FMCG

Scope: Packaging, Social Media

London Dairy, a premium brand in the FMCG sector, approached Cognitive Branding with the goal of revitalizing their brand identity through packaging design and enhancing their social media presence. As a renowned player in the ice cream and dairy product industry with a large global footprint, London Dairy needed to appeal to different nationalities and cultures while maintaining its premium image

Diverse International Presence: London Dairy’s extensive global reach meant that its packaging needed to resonate with a wide range of nationalities and cultures.

Increased Competition: The FMCG market was becoming more competitive, making it crucial for London Dairy to stand out in the crowd.

Weak Social Media Presence: London Dairy’s social media platforms were underutilized, limiting their ability to engage with their audience and promote their products effectively.

Packaging: Cognitive Branding undertook a comprehensive redesign of London Dairy’s packaging to strike a balance between appealing to diverse international audiences and maintaining a premium image. We designed versatile packaging that incorporated elements from various cultures while still exuding elegance and sophistication. The new packaging designs were not only aesthetically appealing but also provided better product protection and shelf visibility.

Social Media: To enhance London Dairy’s social media presence, we devised a comprehensive social media strategy, including:

Content Strategy: We created a content calendar that highlighted the brand’s global appeal, product diversity, and customer testimonials, while being sensitive to cultural nuances.

Visual Assets: We developed a library of high-quality images and videos showcasing London Dairy’s products in various cultural settings, ensuring relatability to a diverse audience.

Engagement Campaigns: Regular contests, giveaways, and interactive posts were implemented to boost engagement and increase the brand’s following.

Influencer Collaborations: We identified and collaborated with relevant influencers from different cultural backgrounds in the food and lifestyle niche to create authentic and engaging content.

The collaboration between London Dairy and Cognitive Branding produced remarkable results:

Improved Packaging Design: The new packaging design successfully appealed to a diverse international audience, improving shelf visibility and product appeal, leading to a notable increase in sales.

Social Media Growth: London Dairy’s social media platforms experienced substantial growth in terms of followers, engagement, and brand mentions among a wide range of cultural communities.

Enhanced Customer Engagement: Interactive social media campaigns and influencer collaborations fostered a more engaged and loyal customer base across various cultures.

Positive Feedback: The brand received positive feedback from customers around the world, who appreciated the brand’s new look and its commitment to quality.

Cognitive Branding’s comprehensive approach to packaging redesign and social media strategy helped London Dairy rejuvenate its brand image, strengthen its position in the FMCG market, and connect with diverse nationalities and cultures effectively. The success of this project demonstrates our expertise in elevating brands, driving sales, and engaging audiences across various cultural backgrounds and digital platforms. London Dairy now stands as a global premium brand that truly embodies elegance, quality, and inclusivity in the FMCG industry.